Top 10 HIV organizations in India – Get The Best Cure

HIV / Aids is a major problem in which peoples are suffering from ancient times. After a survey all over the world, it came to know that it is the world’s third-largest population suffering from HIV/AIDS. Whereas, India is the third-largest HIV epidemic in the world. As compared to other countries India is at the bottom of the list in HIV affected country. Most people with HIV are extensive labor migration and low literacy levels in certain rural areas resulting in a lack of awareness and gender disparity. To stop this population India has many organizations that are doing there best to make a proper cure for it. Here are some Top 10 HIV organizations in India – Get The Best Cure. Also, check-                                                              Top 10 HIV Organizations in The World That You Should Know      World’s Top 10 Most Deadliest Virus, Symptoms, And Cure

Top 10 HIV organizations in India – Get The Best Cure

Neptune Foundation

The foundation runs a program to provide underprivileged HIV+patients with adequate nutrition to help people battling HIV/AIDS. Whereas, the foundation uses a government hospital to choose their patients who come in for Antiretroviral therapy. Their program aims to provide rations and protein supplements to all HIV+ patients who are infected.


India slum area has many common people who are not able to pay even in government hospitals. In many orphanages, children too are suffering from this infection. So, this foundation provides housing, food, clothes, medications, education, and extra-curricular facilities. The NGO helps these destitute children grow up in a regular household.

Grace Peter Charitable Trust

This NGO also provides nutrition support to people battling HIV/AIDS. It also provides some facilities to the people so that they can withstand the intense medical treatment. The foundation uses the most underprivileged HIV+ children come to these hospitals for treatment. It helps the children to collect the nutritional packages to help children affected with HIV get access to adequate nutrition and support their recovery.

Priyadarshini Seva Mandali

Priyadarshini Seva Mandali provides medication as prescribed by the government hospitals and helps them to get recover. This NGO decided to identify children who need support from the government hospitals where they come for their CD4 test every month. Whereas, they provide them with nutritious food also refund the travel expenses.

Akhanda Seva For International Shanti

It is the most popular NGO which helps and works hand-in-hand with local HIV clinics. The foundation distributed to these children and their guardians, once a month. However, most of the children who arrive at the clinic who doesn’t have any guardian sent to this NGO. They provide packages that include hygienic and nutritious items for the children.

Swadhar IDWC

The organization was started in 2005, the launched project aimed to rehabilitate HIV+ children and children with HIV+ parents. Whereas, the NGO provides monthly nutrition, medical, education, and emotional support. Children are regularly checked upon through house visits and are provided with groceries and many other ways to cure their infection.

DESIRE society

Desire Society which provides basic core needs to children and families suffering from HIV/AIDS. The main focus of the organization is to provide ICH – Institutional Care Homes for poor peoples. Also, they have many branches to help out people all over India.

 Mahesh Foundation

This NGO working to enrich the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS. Also, they inspire other patients to fight the disease by teaching various activities. Also, they are providing orphans in Ashakiran Home at Belagavi to cure them more properly.

Centre for People’s Education

This organization is working for the welfare of socially and economically downtrodden people. It was established in 1989, in Tirunelveli District. Whereas, the Centre for People’s Education aims to support adolescents with disabilities through programs like nutritional support, educational support, home-based counseling, emergency medical care fund.

National AIDS Control Organisation

It is India’s nodal organization for the formulation of policy and implementation of programs and was established in 1992. In fact, NACO continued to expand its program at the state level, and focussed on increasing safe behavior and reducing the stigmas of HIV positive people.

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