Top 10 HIV organizations in India – Get The Best Cure

HIV / Aids is a major problem in which peoples are suffering from ancient times. After a survey all over the world, it came to know that it is the world’s third-largest population suffering from HIV/AIDS. Whereas, India is the third-largest HIV epidemic in the world. As compared to other countries India is at the bottom of the list in HIV affected country. Most people with HIV are extensive labor migration and low literacy levels in certain rural areas resulting in a lack of awareness and gender disparity. To stop this population India has many organizations that are doing there best to make a proper cure for it. Here are some Top 10 HIV organizations in India – Get The Best Cure. Also, check-                                                              Top 10 HIV Organizations in The World That You Should Know      World’s Top 10 Most Deadliest Virus, Symptoms, And Cure

Top 10 HIV organizations in India – Get The Best Cure

Neptune Foundation

The foundation runs a program to provide underprivileged HIV+patients with adequate nutrition to help people battling HIV/AIDS. Whereas, the foundation uses a government hospital to choose their patients who come in for Antiretroviral therapy. Their program aims to provide rations and protein supplements to all HIV+ patients who are infected.


India slum area has many common people who are not able to pay even in government hospitals. In many orphanages, children too are suffering from this infection. So, this foundation provides housing, food, clothes, medications, education, and extra-curricular facilities. The NGO helps these destitute children grow up in a regular household.

Grace Peter Charitable Trust

This NGO also provides nutrition support to people battling HIV/AIDS. It also provides some facilities to the people so that they can withstand the intense medical treatment. The foundation uses the most underprivileged HIV+ children come to these hospitals for treatment. It helps the children to collect the nutritional packages to help children affected with HIV get access to adequate nutrition and support their recovery.

Priyadarshini Seva Mandali

Priyadarshini Seva Mandali provides medication as prescribed by the government hospitals and helps them to get recover. This NGO decided to identify children who need support from the government hospitals where they come for their CD4 test every month. Whereas, they provide them with nutritious food also refund the travel expenses.

Akhanda Seva For International Shanti

It is the most popular NGO which helps and works hand-in-hand with local HIV clinics. The foundation distributed to these children and their guardians, once a month. However, most of the children who arrive at the clinic who doesn’t have any guardian sent to this NGO. They provide packages that include hygienic and nutritious items for the children.

Swadhar IDWC

The organization was started in 2005, the launched project aimed to rehabilitate HIV+ children and children with HIV+ parents. Whereas, the NGO provides monthly nutrition, medical, education, and emotional support. Children are regularly checked upon through house visits and are provided with groceries and many other ways to cure their infection.

DESIRE society

Desire Society which provides basic core needs to children and families suffering from HIV/AIDS. The main focus of the organization is to provide ICH – Institutional Care Homes for poor peoples. Also, they have many branches to help out people all over India.

 Mahesh Foundation

This NGO working to enrich the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS. Also, they inspire other patients to fight the disease by teaching various activities. Also, they are providing orphans in Ashakiran Home at Belagavi to cure them more properly.

Centre for People’s Education

This organization is working for the welfare of socially and economically downtrodden people. It was established in 1989, in Tirunelveli District. Whereas, the Centre for People’s Education aims to support adolescents with disabilities through programs like nutritional support, educational support, home-based counseling, emergency medical care fund.

National AIDS Control Organisation

It is India’s nodal organization for the formulation of policy and implementation of programs and was established in 1992. In fact, NACO continued to expand its program at the state level, and focussed on increasing safe behavior and reducing the stigmas of HIV positive people.


Top 10 HIV Organizations in The World That You Should Know

First of all, there are many nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in the global response to HIV and AIDS. Below are a number of the most important NGOs working to stop new HIV infections and proportion access to treatment and related health services for people with HIV. Around 1.1 million people living with HIV within the us of America. Women have been affected by HIV since the beginning of the epidemic and face unique challenges in accessing optimal prevention, care and treatment resources. Below in this article, you will find details about the list of Top 10 HIV organizations in the world.

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List Of Top 10 HIV Organizations in The World

World Health Organization (WHO)

First of all, the World Health Organization directs and coordinates international health activities within the United Nations’ system. WHO’s goal is to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world. Nevertheless, working through offices in additional than 150 countries, WHO staff work side by side with governments and other partners to make sure the very best attainable level of health for all people. Whereas, the World Health Organization HIV/AIDS Department provides evidence-based, technical support to WHO Member States to assist them in proportion treatment. Unlike, care and prevention services also as drugs and diagnostics supply to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable response to HIV. Recently, the WHO is working on the latest Corona Virus Vaccines.

Kaiser Family Foundation

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) is a nonprofit organization focusing on national health issues and the U.S. role in global health policy. Nevertheless, grant-making foundations, KFF develops and runs its own policy analysis, journalism, and communications programs, sometimes in partnership with major news organizations. KFF is a non-partisan source of facts, analysis, and journalism for policymakers, the media, the health policy community, and therefore the public. Its information is always provided free of charge—including policy research, data analysis, and health policy news coverage provided by its news service, Kaiser Health News (KHN). The Foundation’s Global Health and HIV Policy Program focuses on providing the newest data and knowledge on the U.S. role in global health and conducts research and analysis on current HIV-related policy issues, with attention to the U.S.

The Global Fund

The Global Fund may be a partnership designed to accelerate the top of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria as epidemics. An international organization founded in 2002, the Global Fund mobilizes and invests more than US$4 billion a year to support programs run by local experts in more than 100 countries. The Fund works in partnership with governments, civil society, technical agencies, the private sector, and people affected by the diseases to pool resources and invest strategically in programs and build resilient and sustainable systems for health.

International AIDS Society

First of all, International AIDS Society Founded in 1988. Whereas, the International AIDS Society (IAS) is that the world’s largest association of HIV professionals, with members from quite 180 countries performing on all fronts of the worldwide AIDS response. In fact, the mission of the IAS is to steer collective action on every front of the worldwide HIV response through its membership base, scientific authority, and convening power. IAS advocates and drives urgent action to scale back the worldwide impact of HIV. IAS is additionally the steward of the world’s two most prestigious HIV conferences—the International AIDS Conference and therefore the IAS Conference on HIV Science.


The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) is a world organization that’s working towards stopping new HIV infections, ensuring that everybody living with HIV has access to HIV treatment, promoting human rights, and producing data for decision-making. The organization leads and inspires the planet to realize its shared vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination, and 0 AIDS-related deaths. UNAIDS unites the efforts of 11 UN organizations UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, UN Women, ILO, UNESCO, WHO and therefore the World Bank—and works closely with global and national partners towards ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as a part of the Sustainable Development Goals.

These are the list of Top 10 HIV Organizations in The World. If you have any queries or any other organization that you would like to add up on the list. Then you can feel free to drop it in the comment section below in this article.


World’s Top 10 Most Deadliest Virus, Symptoms And Cure

Today in the world many viruses have taken many lives in human history. New World Health Organisation is the world’s top research center which helps countries to cure their virus outbreak and records Most Deadliest Virus, Symptoms And Cure. In history, several viruses have been discovered in different countries. There is much to fear from tiny imperialistic pathogens that are invisible from the human eye which is very harmful to living life in the world. In this article, we are listing World’s Top 10 Most Deadliest Virus, Symptoms And Cure to make sure that are you infected or something else has happened. Also, check                                        Top 10 Most Worst Virus Outbreaks In Human History                How to track the spread of the Carona Virus worldwide?

World’s Top 10 Most Deadliest Virus, Symptoms And Cure


Ebola is famous in Sub-Sharana African which was found in 1976. Whereas, it is one of the World’s Top 10 Most Deadliest Virus            Symptoms- This virus effect in 8-10 days. Whereas, Its symptoms are fever, headache, weakness in joints and muscles, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, red eyes and lack of appetite.          Ebola vaccines- If anyone gets infected with the Ebola virus then these vaccines are to cure them cAd3-ZEBOV, rVSV-ZEBOV.


Marburg virus infection usually comes on suddenly after an incubation period of about five to 10 days.                        Symptoms- Its symptoms are Fever, chills, headache, chest pain, abdominal pain, and sore throat.                                                            Vaccines- There is no specific treatment for Marburg virus disease. So, patients are given supportive hospital care by maintaining their fluid and electrolyte balance and other considerations.


Hantavirus was discovered in 1993, it was found in states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah meet. In fact, it is the Most Deadliest Virus in the world.                                                        Symptoms– It takes one to five weeks after the person contacts the hantavirus. Whereas, its symptoms are like Flu which causes Fatigue, fever, pain in large muscles in the legs, back, and hips.        Vaccines- There is no vaccine available to protect against any hantaviruses. It is only cured by Experimentally, physicians have administered the antiviral medication ribavirin.


If a person with HIV is likely to develop a serious condition called AIDS. It was firstly discovered in the early 1980s with a missive death in the USA.                                                                                  Symptoms– HIV makes the person vulnerable to a wide range of illnesses like a fungal infection in the mouth or throat, cytomegalovirus, infection in the brain, cancer, and tuberculosis.        Vaccines- Its treatment should begin as soon as possible after a diagnosis of HIV.  antiretroviral therapy, a combination of daily medications that stop the virus from reproducing and helps to protect CD4 cells which keep your immunity system strong.


Rabies is the most dangerous virus which spread via the saliva of an infected animal. Whereas, The virus infects the brain and ultimately which can take you to death.                                                                  Symptoms- Its symptoms are anxiety, confusion, hypersalivation, encephalitis, aerophobia, causing hallucinations, and coma.              Vaccines- The general pathway to determine post-exposure prophylaxis for rabies is to take their vaccine injections during follow-up visits on days 3, 7, and 14.


Smallpox is a life-threatening disease which was founded in the 16th century. Also, it is on the list of potential biological weapons considered.                                                                                              Symptoms- It causes body aches, chills, and headache to accompany the fever. Also, the virus effect within 24-48 hours, a rash begins to appear everywhere on the body.                                    Vaccines- If the person is obtaining the specimens should have a recent smallpox vaccination and experts trained in biological warfare are likely to be consulted.


This virus is the same as swine flu and it was discovered in April 2009. Influenza was found in Mexico which has rapidly spread worldwide.                                                                                              Symptoms-  It usually causes a more severe illness like fever, aches, chills, fatigue, weakness, sneezing, sore throat, and chest discomfort.                                                                                              Vaccines- This infection requires consultation with an emergency-medicine physician, critical care specialist, an infectious-disease specialist.


Its Symptoms can appear up to 7-10 days after being bitten by the mosquito. After this, several diseases symptoms include dengue shock syndrome.                                                          Symptoms- Body rash that can disappear and then reappear, High fever, pain behind the eyes, vomiting, pain in muscles and joints, bleeding from the mouth and many.                                                      Vaccines- The person should drink clean water and prevent dehydration. Also some medicine like Tylenol or paracetamol for pain, aspirin or ibuprofen to stop internal bleeding.


It is one of the most dangerous viruses which has discovered in 2008. Whereas, it is mainly transmitted by the fecal-oral route.        Symptoms- It causes a decrease in urination, dry or overly cool skin, dry or sticky mouth, sunken eyes, extreme thirst, and absence of tears when crying.                                                                            Vaccines-  There is one vaccine that can cure it which is RotaTeq (RV5), given in 3 doses at ages 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months.


This is the extremely dangerous family of viruses that cause the common cold. MERS-CoV is different from the coronavirus that caused in the 2003 outbreak which is found in bats.                            Symptoms- It is very difficult to identify still you can check it if you are suffering from chest pain, body aches, headache, shortness of breath, cough, and fever.                                                                      Vaccines- There is no specific treatment or vaccine for the infection, but you can take some precautions like washing your hands regularly, clean your mouth, clean your nose, avoid handshaking, avoid junk food, and use a mask or cover your mouth always.


List Of World Top Events Cancelled Due To Corona Virus

As you all know Corona Virus is a deadly virus and is spreading fast in the world. First of all, the coronavirus is originated from China’s Wuhan that has claimed over three thousand lives and over 80,270 people are infected. Also, China has the most death ratio as compared to all other countries. In fact, Coronavirus has not only claimed lives but also embarrassed the businesses of some of the biggest companies all over the world. Also, many tech events have been canceled due to fear of Coronavirus. In this article, you will find details about the list of World Top Events Cancelled Due To Corona Virus.

List Of World Top Events Cancelled Due To Corona Virus

Facebook Developers Conference

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Facebook has been called off the annual developers conference. Whereas, they had canceled in-person component which was supposed to take place on May 5 and 6 in San Jose, California. Whereas, for Facebook, this is an incredibly important event for Facebook and it is one of our favorite ways to celebrate all of you from around the world. But, we need to prioritize the health and safety. To our developer partners, employees and everyone who helps put the conference going. Also, Facebook has returned a blog that it is important to host this event with all the international developers attendance.

Mobile World Congress 2020

First of all, one of the first events to bear the brunt of the coronavirus outbreak was the Mobile World Congress 2020. Whereas, this was supposed to take place in Spain’s Barcelona on February 27. Also, the GSMA took the decision after several tech companies like Amazon, Sony, LG, Ericsson, Nokia, Vivo, Intel, Facebook, and others pulled out of the event. In fact, all the core brands cited a major health risk as a reason for their withdrawal from the conference. However, companies like Xiaomi and Realme were the only companies that did not withdraw from the event.

Google developer conference

Due to the fear of Coronavirus, Google has called off its developers conference as a precautionary move to keep its visitors safe from the coronavirus. It was one of the major events by Google and the tech giants had plans to announce some of its products in the event. The Google developers conference 2020 was scheduled for May 12 – May 14 this year. This is the second big cancellation from the company as they put the health and safety of employees, partners, and media. To ensure the safety of all the people who are attending the event.

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Tomorrowland Music Festival

First of all, organizers of the French electronic-music festival Tomorrowland, which was set to run March 14–21. However, the Tomorrowland music festival announced that they were canceling the festival. Whereas, by following new regulations by the French government banning all indoor gatherings of more than 5,000 people. Whereas, due to there have been over 500 confirmed cases of coronavirus in France as of March 6.

The London Book Fair

Firstly, The London Book Fair is one of the world’s largest international book festivals was forced to cancel amid coronavirus worries. About 25,000 publishers, agents, and authors were meant to attend the fair March 10-12, even as many backed out. There have been over 100 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.K. as of March 6. To prevent it from spreading further they have canceled the event. In fact, the World Health Organization says nearly 100,000 people worldwide have contracted the coronavirus. Whereas, more than 3,000 people have died – the majority in China.

Ultra Music Festival

The Ultra music festival is a three-day electronic music festival, scheduled for March 20-22. Whereas, It has been suspended until next year, effectively canceling it, though officials declined to use that phrasing. However, this the first time in 21 years the festival will not take place in Miami. At a press conference on March 6, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced that the event was officially postponed. However, a decision made in an abundance of caution. He also announced the cancellation of Calle Ocho, Miami’s annual Carnival celebration. Whereas, organizers of the annual event in Austin, Texas, said they had no choice but to call it off for the first time in its 34-year history.

These are the List Of World Top Events Cancelled Due To Corona Virus. These has affected the stock market of the business all over the world. If you have any queries or any other or any other event that you would like to add up in the list. Then you can feel free to drop it in the comment section below in this article. Also, bookmark this page for more updates and news.

Corona Virus

Top 10 Most Worst Virus Outbreaks In Human History

First of all, when we start talking about Virus there are many viruses outbreak which has taken thousands of lives. In fact, recently the World Health Organization announced that they found a new infectious, which is a very dangerous coronavirus. There is much to fear from tiny imperialistic pathogens that are invisible to all. But there are other viruses out there that are equally deadly and has taken many lives all over the world. The world can’t save us from the histories of nastiest viruses and the horrifying diseases which are coming after and after. In this article, we are listing Top 10 worst virus outbreaks in human history.

Top 10 Most Worst Virus Outbreaks In Human History


This virus is discovered in 1976 in sub-Saharan African which has killed thousands of people. If you get in contact with this virus that’s not the only thing that it will roll off one of your body parts, a heavy amount of blood also coming out of your eyes that’s insane.


Marburg is discovered in 1967 by a group of lab workers in Germany. Whereas, due to this they made a new type of hemorrhagic fever from some virus-carrying African green monkeys which as taken many lives of peoples by multiple organ failure and massive internal bleeding.


First of all, Hantavirus is a deadly thing that was discovered in 1993 in the Southwestern United States which causes acute kidney failure. Also, filling your lungs with fluid that causes Asthma. Additionally, this virus is known to cause different types of illnesses in humans. Also, it can spread easily to one person to another.


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was first discovered in the early 1980s. This virus is gone to pandemic proportions, with an estimated 65 million infections and 25 million deaths. New HIV infections still happen in the U.S. each year. This is one of the deadly viruses that it has taken the place in the Top 10 Most Worst Virus Outbreaks In Human History.


While this thing itself is a beast, the sickness it causes is now is wholly preventable if treated immediately. The virus directly attacks the central nervous system and death usually results. Rabies has a long story that it has discovered in 2300 B.C.


While talking about smallpox there are several different types of smallpox diseases that result from an infection ranging from mild to fatal. In fact, the Smallpox virus had wiped out hundreds of millions of people worldwide over thousands of years. Whereas, this virus was declared in 1979, as the worldwide implementation of the vaccine comes to result.


First things first, the Influenza virus is discovered in 1976 that has infected 20 to 40 percent of the world’s population and killing 50 million in the span. The swine flu was its most recent newsmaker which is constantly mutating and creating new strains.


Dengue virus causes a high fever, severe headache, and, in the worst cases hemorrhaging. You can get it easily from the bite of an infected mosquito, but the bad news is there’s no vaccine. The CDC estimates that there are over 100 million cases of dengue.


The disease is a killer in the developing world which has discovered in 2008. It causes severe diarrheal illness among babies and young children. Whereas, its rehydration treatments are not widely available.


The most lethal of the known coronaviruses that jumped from animals to people. Whereas, along with all the virus-like this has no approved treatments or vaccine till now. Whereas, while talking about the MERS virus it belongs to the same family of viruses as SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 which are also originated in animals.

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Vaccine Research Updated Information, Precautionary Measures Against Infection With Coronavirus

Vaccine Research Updates and Precautionary Measures

The development of Caronavirus vaccines for emerging threats has been accelerated, which is not yet enough. Ideally, we would be ready for this outbreak of a coronavirus vaccine and have a process to test for areas where the virus is transmitted. Here you will get the details of Vaccine Research Updates and Precautionary Measures.

Now that we have this technology, we can, in theory, make the vaccine in response to the imminent pandemic threat, said Hotez. But we don’t have much experience in this area yet. Therefore, dozens of vaccines under preparation are still hindered by delays in funding and approval for tests. Chinese doctors sounding the caution on the coronavirus state the disease could be considerably deadlier for patients who get it once more.

Vaccine Research Information

It’s exceptionally conceivable to get contaminated a subsequent time, said one specialist. The doctor said that a portion of the antiviral meds used to treat the infection can have negative reactions on patients’ heart tissue, making them progressively helpless to heart failure.

That carries us to an extra hindrance every one of these antibodies will confront: an issue called safe improvement. It was found during the 1960s when an immunization possibility for an alternate respiratory infection RSV was being tried and specialists discovered it really intensified the malady after individuals were presented to the infection, in any event, murdering two guineas pigs. This soured an age of investigation into RSV immunizations, Hotez said. Furthermore, it brought up issues about whether different immunizations for respiratory maladies may represent a similar risk. While there’s currently a push to comprehend the insusceptible improvement marvel, it may represent an issue for new Covid-19 antibodies.

Recent vaccines in the real world have taken years to develop. Some have taken more than a decade. Scientists are avoiding HIV, a virus that causes AIDS. But technological innovations and a more streamlined development process will reduce the time it takes to produce the vaccine.

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Corona Virus

How to track the spread of Carona Virus worldwide?

How to track the spread of Carona Virus worldwide

The deadly coronavirus has spread worldwide, and you can use the online dashboard to keep track of all the cases you report. The Center for Systems Science and Engineering has developed a tool for collecting data from the World Health Organization, as well as the Centers for Disease Control in the USA. UU., China and Europe. It also shows deaths with confirmed, suspected and recovered patients of coronavirus. Here in this article, you will get the details of How to track the spread of Carona virus worldwide.

The coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, has so far killed more than 3,200 people and infected more than 94,200 people. Cases have been diagnosed in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Australia, and have similar symptoms to pneumonia. First reported on 31 December 2019 by the World Health Organization. Chinese scientists associate the disease with a family of viruses known as coronavirus. A deadly SARS and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Death Rates in Worldwide

At 11:15 am, On March 3, the board showed 3,214 deaths. There were 80,270 cases in mainland China, 5,621 in South Korea, 2,922 in Iran. 2,502 in Italy, 304 in Japan, 244 in Germany, 212 in France, 193 in Spain and 138 in the USA. UU, 110 in Singapore, 102 in Hong Kong, Switzerland 93. The board shows deaths in China, Australia, and the USA. USA, Italy, South Korea, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Philippines, Spain, San Marino, Taiwan, Thailand, and Diamond Princess Cruise Ship. The board shows that the virus has spread to 84 countries and that 51,000 people have recovered from the virus.

The outbreak of coronavirus is affecting the global technology industry, with companies shutting down stores and offices. Limiting travel and preparing for disruptions in the integrated global supply chain. Fear of coronavirus Facebook stopped a March marketing conference in San Francisco, which was expected to attract 4,000 people. The Mobile World Congress scheduled for this week in Barcelona has also been canceled.

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How Carona Virus Infected the Lungs? And The Disease Spread Fastly

Carona Virus Infected the Lungs

For most patients, COVID-19 starts and finishes in their lungs, since like this season’s flu virus, coronaviruses are respiratory sicknesses. Here Find the full details of How Carona Virus Infected the Lungs?

They spread normally when a tainted individual hacks or sniffles, showering beads that can transmit the infection to anybody in close contact. Coronaviruses likewise cause influenza-like indications: Patients may begin with a fever and hack that advances to pneumonia or more terrible. Discover how coronavirus spreads on a plane—and the most secure spot to sit.

After the SARS flare-up, the World Health Organization detailed that the illness ordinarily assaulted the lungs in three stages: viral replication, safe hyper-reactivity, and aspiratory annihilation.

Not all patients experienced each of the three stages—in certainty just 25 percent of SARS patients endured respiratory disappointment, the characterizing mark of serious cases. Moreover, COVID-19, as indicated by early information, causes milder side effects in around 82 percent of cases, while the rest of extreme or basic.

Look further, and the novel coronavirus seems to follow different examples of SARS, says University of Maryland School of Medicine partner educator Matthew B. Frieman, who concentrates exceptionally pathogenic coronaviruses.

In the beginning of a disease, the novel coronavirus quickly attacks human lung cells. Those lung cells come in two classes: ones that make bodily fluid and ones with a hair-like implement called cilia.

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Corona Virus

What is Carona Virus? Types of Carona Virus, Threads and Transmission of Disease, Vaccine Updates

Carona Virus Details

In recently the Carona Virus creates Frightened worldwide. Initially, the Caronavirus was first discovered in China. Gradually, the virus spread throughout the country. Some thousands are infected with the virus and are being treated in a hospital, while others have died. Thousands have died in China by now. This coronavirus is spreading throughout the world without being confined to China. Here in this article, you will find the full details of Carona Virus Diseases Threads Transmissions.

What is CaronaVirus? and Types of Caronavirus

Researchers from the coronavirus first isolated in 1937. They found a coronavirus responsible for an infectious bronchitis virus in birds that had the ability to devastate poultry stocks. Scientists first found evidence of human Coronaviruses (HCoV) in the 1960s in the noses of people with the common cold. Two human Coronaviruses are responsible for a large proportion of common cold, OC43 and 229E.

The name “coronavirus” comes from the crown-like projections on their surfaces. “Crown” in Latin means “halo” or “crown”. Among humans, coronavirus infections most often occur during the winter months and early spring. People regularly become ill with a cold due to a coronavirus and may catch the same one about 4 months later. This is because coronavirus antibodies do not last for a long time. Also, the antibodies for one strain of coronavirus may be ineffective against another one.

Cold- or flu-like symptoms usually set in from 2–4 days after a coronavirus infection and are typically mild. However, symptoms vary from person-to-person, and some forms of the virus can be fatal.

Symptoms of Carona Virus:

  • sneezing
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Nose Allergy
  • Throat
  • Asthma

Types of Virus

Different types of human coronaviruses vary in how severe the resulting disease becomes, and how far they can spread. Doctors currently recognize seven types of coronavirus that can infect humans.

  • NL63 (alpha coronavirus)
  • 229E (alpha coronavirus)
  • HKU1 (beta coronavirus)
  • OC43 (beta coronavirus)

As well as rare viruses that cause more severe complications include MERS-CoV, which causes Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and SARS-CoV stands for the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Threads And Transmission

    Coughing and sneezing without covering the mouth can disperse droplets into the air.
    Touching or shaking hands with a person who has the virus can pass the virus between individuals.
    Making contact with a surface or object that has the virus and then touching the nose, eyes, or mouth.
    Some animal coronaviruses, such as feline coronavirus (FCoV), may spread through contact with feces. However, it is unclear whether this also applies to human coronaviruses.